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When you are looking to build your dream home one thing most people discover is the ideal ‘flat block’ doesn't always exist. Every block of land has individual factors to be addressed. These are things like:

  • Location - Estate requirements, environmental   factors such as flood/fire requirements.
  • Land type-  Sloping block, irregular shaped, corner lot   setbacks/facdes, watercourses, easements etc
  • Aspect & Views -  Orientation to take advantage of   sunlight access, breezes is not only a part of good design   but also assessed as part of meeting your BASIX   requirements. Also the outlook of the block may be its   true  value and should be considered in the design.

Then there is your own individuality that influences your requirements. These are things like:

  • Tastes and trends - When it comes to the style or façade of a home there are countless choices   and it is up to your preferences and needs.
  • Special needs – Elderly or disabled people have   different requirements in their homes.

It would be impossible for a standard “off the shelf” design to take all of these individual factors into consideration! LiveMore Homes in Wollongong has over a decade of experience in building Custom Premium Homes. Combined with the talent of ZedWorks Drafting & Consulting Services we will work with you to achieve a Premium Home you will be proud of and most importantly suits:

  • Your Lifestyle
  • Your Budget
  • Your Tastes

When building with us you can relax in confidence knowing you get a fully considered quote for your site and needs, and experienced quality local builders

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